Terms Of Trade

Terms of payment

Residential – Credit card or electronic deposit upon booking, or cash / cheque upon delivery.

Commercial – Payment due on the 20th of the month

All costs in relation to collection of dishonored cheques or overdue accounts will be added to any monies due.


Cleanfill, Hardfill and general waste Cannot be loaded into the same bin   – no excepions.

No bulk food waste, tyres, large tree stumps, waste oil, chemicals, asbestos, paint or any other form

of hazardous waste.

If unsure please phone the office on  0800 300 666


Residential – Four (4) days from date of delivery, unless otherwise arranged.

Commercial and account Customers – As arranged.

General Conditions

LTSA regulations require that bins must not be filled past the top of the bin.

• 2m , 3m,  and 4.5m skips are to be used for either the disposal of General Waste or for the disposal of cleanfill eg. Topsoil, concrete bricks. Topsoil must not be mixed with concrete, bricks or any other material, if a bin is mixed this will incur excess charges payable by the client.

• 5, 6, 7, and 9m bins are for General Waste Only and are not to be loaded with cleanfill as the bins become too heavy to load.

• No polystyrene to be placed in any bins without prior approval from Discount Bins (2012) Ltd

.Discount Bins (2012) Ltd reserves the right to recover any additional disposal costs incurred on bins found to be loaded with polystyrene.

• Once bins are placed on a client’s property they are not to be moved from the drop off point without prior arrangement from Discount Bins (2012) Ltd . Discount Bins (2012)Ltd  reserves the right to recover any repair costs to our bins that have been moved or damaged by unsuitable plant equipment during the period of hire.

• Overweight bins will incur an additional charge of $14.00 per 100 kg ($140 per tonne) inclusive of GST.

If weight exceeds Max weight, the excess weight provision will apply and an extra charge will be required to be paid upon receipt of overweight invoice.

Bin Size 2.Mtr 3.Mtr 4.5Mtr 6.Mtr 7. Mtr 9.Mtr
Weight Limit 400kg 450kg 800kg 1000kg 1200kg 1500kg


Discount Bins(2012) ltd reserves the right to defer the collection of any bin that is unpaid, found to be either overloaded or loaded with prohibited material until such time as to the customer rectifies the situation.