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At Discount Bins we Value Human to Human interaction. We try our hardest to answer phones and employ suitable technology to respond to your queries ASAP. In the odd occasion where you may have to leave a message we will respond as soon as we can. After hours orders will be taken on a 24 hour / 7 day basis. OUR MOTTO —- Never miss a call.


Address: Discount Bins 2012 Limited
9 Arrenway Drive
Rosedale 0632

Discount Bins: 0800 300 666
For West Auckland: 098377355
For Central/East Auckland: 095256488
For North Shore: 094767665
For Hibiscus Coast: 094265040
For Hamilton: 078467805

Bin Depots: Patiki Rd Avondale.
Constellation Drive Mairangi Bay.
Foundry Rd Silverdale.

Email: [email protected]

Fill out the form for any questions, suggestions or reservations. We will be right with you as soon as possible!